Horní Bečva

Wide village and a recreation centre in the valley of Roznovska Becva river, 11 km from Roznov pod Radhostem. During the Second World War some partisan’s group operated here. Even today we can come across ruins of partisan’s bunkers. Or you can find exhibits of folklore architecture. In 1792 the church of St. Jan and Pavel was built. Two kilometres from the village centre a water reservoir has been built with 18 metres high and 250 metres long dam.
Church in Horní Bečva Church in Horní Bečva
Horní Bečva Horní Bečva
Sight of village
Horní Bečva Horní Bečva
Horni Becva upon the dam
Dam Horní Bečva Dam Horní Bečva